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“Alex è uno speaker di ottimo livello. Conosce benissimo i temi che porta, si vede che ha esperienza tecnica e scientifica. Riesce a comunicare con concetti chiari e semplici riuscendo ad essere molto efficace.”
– Luca Bolli, Solution Manager DevOps, Filippetti Spa

“I started looking for more information about your projects, and I found the PHP Architect article and read it. It’s quite interesting.”
Zeev Suraski, Zend Founder and author of PHP language

“I can always say i am impressed. I know your projects since the first Ampoliros and you always show a newer and well structured design.”
– Anton Hummel

“I was just searching for stuff related to PHP and Service Oriented Architectures, and I found iConnect. It looks great.”
– Derek Martin, Web Developer, I Love Rewards Inc.

“I am very fascinated by your approach to J2EE  model”
– Chris Boothe, Managing Partner, FavorWare Corporation

“Today I come to know about the Carthag Project. It sounds to be very promising”
– Kuldeep, Netaquila Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“I met Alex in 2010. My first impression was of a person who has clear its goals, and how to get them in the most ethical way.

Alex has always impressed me for the attention to details, in every project I’ve done with him. Besides being an authoritative and skilled CEO, he knows exactly how to get always the best from his team, but in a natural way.

When a company or a startup outsources to him the keys of its business, may have the reassurance of being delighted, seeing his project born, evolve and mature in safe and experienced hands.
Always updated on the latest “hot” web topics, he’s certainly the most reliable person to which rely to be guided in the competitive world of IT.”
Michele Amori, Entrepreneur

“Very qualified in management and also focused on practical software issues. Higly recommended.”
– Diego Costantini, Information Technology Engineer

“I just read your article at phparch. It is very attractive to me to use iConnect platform to start my new enterprise web project”
– Oz Thanapat Pirmphol

“Mi sono avvalso della consulenza di Alex per un crash course su eZ Publish in vista di un progetto da svolgere in tempi veramente stretti. Il suo contributo chiaro e professionale mi ha permesso di passare dalla fase “non ne so nulla” a “ho le conoscenze necessarie” in un lampo, permettendomi di consegnare al cliente il risultato che si aspettava nei tempi concordati senza troppi sforzi.”
Simone Tellini, Software Developer, Exelis Srl

“Alex is very professional, he is precise and always timely in solving problems. I never had problems working with him!”
Fabio Galli, Web Marketing Producer, Hachette Rusconi Spa

“Alex was a very good student and the best of the classroom in Computer Science…no one was at his level…”
Diego Piersanti, Business and Product Development Specialist

“Your project is very good”
– Ing. Royner Valerio Valverde, Analista/Programador

“Ampoliros is an excellent subject”
– Damien Seguy, Direction PHP

“Conosciamo il tuo progetto Carthag e la consideriamo un’opera colossale, sicuramente uno dei pochi buoni progetti in PHP5″
– Graziano Liberati e Alessandro Rossini

“Looks like you did so big work alone”
– Ilya

“Alex is a creative person, precise and reliable in managing and planning activities; with his experience he can get always the best out of every situation, with smart insights and fitting suggestions. He has a comprehensive view about his business goals, competent in giving the right advices for any circumstance.”
Riccardo Campaci, Account Manager, Tradedoubler

“Una delle persone piu’ preparate mai conosciute! E’ un piacere lavorare con lui: affidabile, serio e disponibile. Consigliatissimo!”
Denis Cuccarini

“I can recommend Alex as a person with great knowledge and deep expertise of IT solutions. He is customer-service oriented, careful and experienced. Alex is a fantastic person to work with.”
Sabrina Ragusa, Presidente, Avitis Srl

Alex is a person with an high generic technical skill and he live his work with passion. Working with Alex is pleasant.”
Gianluca Faini, DBA and SW Architect

“Ammiro molto Alex per la sua determinazione nel portare avanti le sue idee nonostante le mille difficoltà che può avere un’azienda del settore ICT in Italia. E’ una persona unica, perché oltre ad essersi distinto come imprenditore ha saputo anche creare qualcosa di unico a livello tecnologico (Innomatic). Lavorando insieme abbiamo sempre appianato qualsiasi difficoltà, e quando ci vediamo cerco sempre di carpire più informazioni possibili dalla sua esperienza, e anche in questo punto trovo una grande disponibilità.”
Giovanni Cappellini, IT Consultant, WebLogiX

“Alex è una delle persone più preparate che abbia mai conosciuto in ambito professionale. Intelligente, puntuale, preciso ed attento al dettaglio, Alex è il partner ideale quando si desidera affrontare la stesura e/o la consistenza di un progetto commerciale di qualsiasi dimensione, grazie anche alla sua capacità di intervento in campo amministrativo.”
Igor Italiani, Senior Account Manager

“Ampoliros seems really exciting!”
– Tjelvar Eriksson

“Recently I discovered your application named Ampoliros. It looks really great”
– Fabien Mannessier, ITESM Consorcio Inter-Rectorías

“Ampoliros has been chosen to be part of the 2004 PHP Québec CDROM”
– Yann Larrivée, PHP Québec